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Players Never Die (Dafont 1997)

Players Never Die is the first in a series of Bobby albums issued by Dafont, originally released November 1997. Produced by Bobby Miller,  this album was released almost immediately following the disbanning of Split Second. 'Wasted All My Years', 'Cause It's On' and 'Chills Down The Backbon' were all penned for Split Second. 'Chills Down The Backbones' was issued as a single with 'Since Yo Moms Ain't At Home'.  'Chills' is the actual recording done by Split Second with Elliott McCoy's lead vocals, Jerry Soto's guitars and flutes by Keysha Miller were later added during the Players Never Die sessions.

Special Notes About The Production Of Players: 'Hope That We Can Be Together Soon' by Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes was covered and planned for this album, it featured vocalists Wanda Rash and Bobby Glover, both formally of Roger Troutman and Zapp. Bassist Marshall Jones of the Ohio Players is featured on the song 'Foolin' which hints the OP style. 'Mississippi Neckbone' was originally a  rap but the vocal tracks were edited and it appears as a filler. 


The Whole Theory (Dafont 1999, Reissue 2006)

2 versions of The Whole Theory was recorded, although this site prefers to focus on  the upgraded version which has an alternate song list. The original release of The Whole Theory is easily available, unlabelled and widely distributed. Whole Theory 1 and 2 are packaged identically and version 2 is factory labelled as 2 for consumer information.



Smokin' (Dafont 2001, Reissue 2006)

Recorded in early 2001 and planned as a double cd set this is what Bobby describes as his 'Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life'. This one comes with all the bells and whistles and was conjured up and printed inside of three months. The open track is the single 'Smokin' an instrumental track that falls somewhere between a Booker T and M.G's meets Philly funk, as describe by a DJ from Berlin.  'Its Funky' is as animated a novelty song as ever recorded and the remake oh Alabama's 'Love In The First Degree' sets the pace for the type of Diverse talent Bobby is noted for demonstratinfg of disc.  'Universal Youth' is accented with some Carlos Santana feels throughout while 'He' is a grevious track that is arranged so elogantly that the errie lyrical content goes unnoticed.


Meditation (Dafont 2003)

The 'Meditation' album was done in late 2003, it features "I Can Understand" and "So Wonderful". The album's opening track is the mellow and very well orchastrated "I Can Understand". "I Can Understand" is a beautifully arranged track with fewer vocals than lengthy guitars and keyboards, that chemistry works well throughout the disc and perhaps best on the track "In Love". "In Love" also appears as a single/ b-sided w/ "He" from the 'Smokin' disc. Most tracks here float in the neighborhood of 3 1/2 minutes in time and Bobby finds a nice niche in easy listening yet potent instrumental arrangements.


Supernatural Eargasm (Grammophone International 2002/2003)

Supernatural Eargasm includes the spritually conscience yet hypnotic and errie song 'Negativity', not to be misinterpreted as the lyrics define that state in a somewhat psychodelic and dark manner. It would appear as though bad would win over good but alitimately Negativity is defeated by the light of God and positive , faithful thinking.  Other tracks that appear are 2 versions of the organically funky Supernatural Eargasm (Spritual Ritual)', 'Down By The Creek' and a Ramsey Lewis cover that replaces piano with organ, it's entitled 'Michelle' .


Like It Is (Grammophone International 2005)

A compilation, though not noted as such, Grammophone reissues some material from earlier Dafont releases including 'Chills Down The Backbone', 'Don't Turn Away' and 'Passion' from the out of print 'Players Never Die'. Like It Is features 2 new songs 'Positive Reaction' featuring Elliott McCoy on lead vocals and 'So Satisfied'. tThe remainder consists of 'Smokin' and the title track 'Like It Is' which is an instrumental. 


Body Vibes (Dafont 2007)   DA-579002-8

Bobby commemorates his tenth year in the recording industry with the release of the Body Vibes CD. Body Vibes reflects on soulful 1970's styled music arrangements and delivers soulful, harmonic vocals. The title track is not a single but it is the albums promotional interest, very mellow, jazzy and great sounding vocals. Other cuts include 'Smooth' a very relaxed baby making masterpiece in the raw, it features Split Second vocalist David Christopher and  'Badd Lady', which revisits the grunge funk/rock eliment from the Funkadelic era. 


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What of the Production?

CD's issued under the Dafont moniker were issued concurrent to CD's issued by the Grammophone label.  All Bobby CD's are exclusively produced by Bobby Miller for Glass City Productions. The Dafont catalog includes  'Players Never Die' (1997), 'The Whole Theory' (1999), 'Smokin' (2001) and 'Meditation (2003).  'Players Never Die' is out of print and extremely hard to find.
Track lists per album:
Players Never Die
1. Chills Down The Backbones
2. Cause Its On
3. Since Yo Moms Aint Home
4. Foolin'
5. Don't Turn Away
6. Like A Woman (In My Arms)
7. Gut Bucket Blues
8. Hidden Passion
9. Wasted All My Tears
10. Mississippi Neckbone
11. Foolin' (street light mix)
12. Passion
13. Player
The Whole Theory 2
1. Body Vibes
2. Can You Hang
3. Bounce To This
4. Keep It Coming
5. Mike Johnson
6. Where Ya At
7. Serious Thang
1. Smokin'
2. Have I Told You
3. Heva Evah
4. Universal Youth
5. Don't Sunshine
6. Urban Blue
7. It's Funky
8. On The Road
9. Never Gonna See
You Again
10. Foggy Eyes
11. As Long As It
12. Keysha's Smile
13. Precious Love
14. Bring It Down
15. Rockin' The Night
16. You Gotta Do
17. Love In The First
18. Don't Sunshine
19. He
20. Free And Easy
1. I Can Understand
2. So Wonderful
3. I'd Rather Not Say
4. Slow You Down
5. In Love
6. Jobim (Dialogo)
7. I Can UnderStand
(Lover's Remix)
8. Slow You Down
(Free Spirit Mix)
Supernatural Eargasm
1. Negativity
Like It Is
1. Chills
2. Positive Reaction
3. So Satisfied

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Production credits



Dayton, Ohio L to R Standing Marshall Jones (Ohio Players bassist), Keith Harrison (Dazz Band keyboardist), guitarist/ producer Tyrone Winfield, Wanda Rash (Roger Troutman and Zapp vocalist).


Keysha Miller at Recording session in Chicago


Pro-Technical support