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There are many, many great singers and songwriters in the musical spectrum with styles and phlosophical views ranging vastly in between,  then there are those that stand out in character, harnessing the magic of that rare quality "UNIQUENESS".  
Bobby \'bab-e\ by musical terms and description, a mid 20th century Rockabilly, (a common nickname for Robert).
Contemporary R & B, Neo-Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, you decide, if you can;
Singer, songwriter, keyboardist, drummer, trumpeter and poet; BOBBY has achieved through music not only an individual sound but just as much diversion and charisma as today's version of the name sake could illuminate. 
This site is dedicated to Glass City Productions, and the music of Bobby Miller. Here you will find, in-depth details on albums, productions and those individuals involved in the making of Bobby Music.  


What's New?

19th Century Cathedral 
Dynamic Contemporary/ New Age Jazz group has a new CD in the works in Chicago. The untitled, as of yet CD will contain 15 instrumental songs. Production handled by Bobby Miller for Glass City Productions.
Split Second Definitive
Plans for digitally editing and mastering of 1990's recordings by the singing group Split Second  are currently in the works. The CD entitled 'Definitive Split Second' will include recordings with lead vocals by Elliott McCoy and all music by Bobby Miller, this set will contain 12 songs.



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This site is dedicated to the Memory of Jerry Soto engineer, guitarist and friend.

Music for this universe and beyond...